Introduction to WebSonar

WebSonar combines a web server with a very powerful search engine that dynamically creates a web site from your content. You simply add your documents; including images, video, audio and PDF files to one of your libraries.

These Library images are linked to 36 libraries. Each individual library can host an unlimited number of documents. My personal library is Number 102. Clicking the home icon on a library search page returns here.

Your Libraries can be accessed with any web browser on your local network using a Uniform Resource Locator link (URL).

WebSonar 9 provides an in-app purchase option to “Enable Internet Access” to the libraries on your home computer. WebSonar 36 and WebSonar Pro require a dedicated IP address for Internet access.

Privacy Statement

The contents of your Libraries are created and displayed when a client issues a search request. There are no static pages for the robots to index.

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