WebSonar Search Tips:

Shorter phrases return more results!
Use Display Associated Subjects... to zoom in!

You can use and within ##/or/not as qualifiers. Enclose with square brackets to use as a search phrase. [to be or not to be]. When searching for a phrase like true love, WebSonar looks for the word true next to the word love. A search for love or money will find all occurrences of both words. Love and within 10 money will only find the documents that contain both terms up to 10 words apart. Type any word or phrase (No Commas) and then click the Search... button. Use the Title field to find a document by name. Use the Notes field to search for annotations.

The asterisk (*) "SHIFT 8" is a wild card character. Wild cards can be placed at the beginning of a word, the end of a word, or on both sides of a word: rate* (Find all words that start with "rate") *rate (Find all words that end with "rate");

To search for synonyms of a word, simply enclose the word in braces {}:
{car} Looks for car, or any synonyms of car - automobile, vehicle, etc.

The following symbols are reserved by WebSonar.
Do not use these symbols unless you are entering a Boolean search phrase:

& | : # ! = ^ + ~ ( ) / { } [ ]* , @

WebSonar ignores hyphens. A search for Section fifty-one or Section fiftyone will find Section fifty-one, but a search for Section fifty one will not.

To search for a word by how it sounds (Soundex search), simply prefix the word with a slash (/):
/John Smith Looks for any word that sounds like "John" followed by the word "Smith".

To search for documents which have at least 2 of the items listed (Quorum Searching) use the following format:
'2' @ (planes, trains, automobiles, helicopters)

Search Syntax for Boolean and Proximity Searching

The advanced user can perform elaborate searches using a simple, but powerful, search syntax. A search query can contain any combination of phrase, operators, modifiers and parentheses.

Here are some examples:

John & :25 Jim will find all occurrences of John within 25 words of Jim
Smith ~:15 (John|Jack) will find all occurrences of Smith not within 15 words of John or Jack
John &= Jim will find all occurrences of John in the same document as Jim "John must appear before Jim"
Jo*~:1# John will find all occurrences of any words starting with "Jo" except "John"
Always used with Not (~)
'Title:' = 'transcript' will find all documents whose title contains the word "transcript"
'Date:' = '200607*' will find all documents whose date is any day in July 2006
birth & ('Date:' >= '19470426') & ('Date:' <= '20040101') will find all documents containing the word "birth" whose date is between April 26, 1947 and January 1, 2004

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